Remember playing Pac-Man, Space Harrieror Street Fighter II? Are you a fan of fruit machines, penny-falls, pinball or bingo? Was the arcade your meeting place, your workplace, somewhere to play games or to get into mischief? Whatever your experience you’re bound to have an arcade story to tell...  

Arcade Tales is Dr Alan Meades’ project aiming to tell the history of British arcade life. Alan has spent the last 15 years speaking and writing about arcades and video games, even saving a long lost Street Fighter II arcade game. Arcade Tales celebrates British arcade life using comics, and wants to tell YOUR story!

Arcade Tales isn’t interested in the American stories already told in other histories, such as the design of Pong or the ‘arcade crash of 1983’ - stories that don't mean much to people in the UK. Instead Arcade Tales tells the stories of the people who spent time in and around arcades, and the ways arcades matter, whether people played games, gambled, worked or just hung around.

Share your stories about arcade life and help tell the British history of the arcade (and public play). I'll take your stories and turn them into comics shared on - all I need you to do is share your story. You can also like the Arcade Tales Facebook page and help spread word about the project.

If you’ve an Arcade Tale to share fill out the form below and it'll go straight to Alan. Alan will always reply (unless you tell him not to... or you're a spambot). Your information will only be used by Alan for Arcade Tales and never ever shared with anyone else without your consent. Let's tell the people's history of the British arcade, and celebrate arcade life!